Open letter to pastors and leaders - Decision time

from Roger Oakland

Understand The Times
We are living in a critical time of church history. The Bible, God’s Word, is undergoing a revision that is bringing about division. The truth of God’s Word is being compromised and watered-down. Ecumenical and heretical teachings are being endorsed for the cause of unity and church growth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is being disguised to make it less offensive and more acceptable.

Churches that once taught the Bible faithfully verse by verse, preparing the flock for the imminent return of Jesus Christ, now are looking for ways to make their services more seeker-friendly and are less concerned about the prophetic signs we are living in the last of the last days.
Pastors and churches that once believed church growth was dependent on feeding the sheep and equipping the saved to share the gospel with the lost, now promote humanistic means to draw in the masses based on a consumer style of evangelism focused on ‘finding out what people want’ to ‘get them in the door.’
Churches once led by pastors committed to biblical truth, now are employing experts who use worldly principles borrowed from secular corporations with material goals for success. Rather than following Jesus and His word, pastors and church leaders are looking to successful men and their methods so they can become part of a movement that is based on principles foreign to the scriptures.
Further, when church leaders promote strategies to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth by human effort, when concerned believers warn about the dangers, they are labeled divisive.
Bible believing pastors that once taught the Bible are now looking for ways to attract people to their congregations by providing extra-biblical experiences and an atmosphere that includes candles, icons, incense and the introduction of Roman Catholic sacraments. When concerned observers suggest this appears to be leading to a partnership with Roman Catholicism they are considered to be negative opponents of the ‘new thing’ God is doing that is reaching our generation.
It is apparent to some that we are at another crossroads in church history, a fork in the road. So what does the future hold? Are pastors going to stand up and make their voices known if they have concerns about the direction current trends are leading? While some say, don’t be negative, “just be known for what you believe, not what you are against”, perhaps it is time to reread what the Old Testament prophets said. When followers of God stray away from the truths of God, they are never to feel comfortable.
If we truly believe that Jesus may return soon, what position should we take? Should we be promoting methods of success that produce big churches with shallow believers who are asleep when Jesus returns? Shouldn’t leaders be sounding the trumpet and warning of His imminent return?
This is a time when pastors and church leaders must make decisions regarding the direction they are going to go. It is a time to proclaim God’s word with boldness. Jesus is coming soon!
Verkondig die woord; hou aan tydig en ontydig; weerlê, bestraf, vermaan in alle lankmoedigheid en lering; want daar sal ‘n tyd wees wanneer hulle die gesonde leer nie sal verdra nie, maar, omdat hulle in hul gehoor gestreel wil wees, vir hulle ‘n menigte leraars sal versamel volgens hulle eie begeerlikhede, en die oor sal afkeer van die waarheid en hulle sal wend tot fabels. Maar wees jy in alles nugter; ly verdrukking; doen die werk van ‘n evangelis; vervul jou bediening.